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Get someone who can add to what we are seeing, not bore us. was just talking to my wife about this a few months ago., Personally i just hate the fake-ness about it. Not true most are just happy to get paid to do the talk and walk the walk and then go home to their personal lives!In the last couple years the NFL especailly has bumped up the #of females that do side lines talks and announcings but it is all the same, it's just to get the veiwing #'s up or at the games. Fine have them but dont dress them down and make them look like high class escorts, dress them in buisness suits like all the men are!

I'll be damned if a woman is gonna comment on football when she hasn't played the game herself, or conversely when a guy talks about cheerleading when he's never done it himself. a few people actually have these voices but most are trained to talk like this.. t=128035 album photos lots more to come: check out my profile my want list: I always turn it to NBC with Brian Adams cause he's a guy. from someone who is looks good and really is only there to collect a paycheck. Of course many times this goes for males in the field as they often are just doing this till they land a job doing something they care about.One Gum Drop to rule them all, One Gum Drop to find them, One Gum Drop to bring them all and in the sweetness bind them In the Land of Candy where the Gingerbreads lie.-Tag line for the Candy Land Movie Adaptation There are sentences I should just stay a way from.- The Doctor Rob Liefeld isn't a comic artist, he's a women's clothing designer.Think about it We had a woman out here in Chicago named Sarah Kustok who was a former college basketball player and pretty knowledgeable and oh so easy on the eyes.I mean someone must or else they wouldn't have it on TV. hmmmmm It's not a problem for me as long as she knows what she is talking about and she actually has a voice for it. - The Doctor Rob Liefeld isn't a comic artist, he's a women's clothing designer.

My problem is that the women they get just seem so bland when talking. before i went to music school for engineering i applied to a school that did broadcasting and i was with the teacher and he wanted me to read a page, and i kept getting.. Think about it There is a belief system in female announcer's it is the fact that if they tend to be attractive and can talk sports it will bring in more male veiwers who want to fanticize that a woman that is attractive is on their level!But when I hear female basketball commentator's, I know that there's a good chance that that woman knows what she's talking about. Only because most of the time you can tell by their tone that it's a job. There's one girl that does NASCAR I don't believe her.That being said I also enjoy watching LPGA tour golf and not only like hearing the female announcers, I prefer it. And all these girls that report I just don't like it. And also check out Masters of the Galaxy Facebook page Follow me on Twitter....s you may or may not know the De Paul Women's basketball team traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to the extraordinary country of France!My teammates and I are extremely excited to travel to a different continent and for some of us; it will be the first trip out of the United States. We're also talking about the 'tone' and I think you alluded to it well when you said you want to hear a manly voice.