Satcodx updating the receivers transponder data

16-Nov-2017 10:25 by 6 Comments

Satcodx updating the receivers transponder data - Milfhookupsites

Another strange thing is that even transponders that it does pick-up channels on, sometimes they are not the channels that should be on that transponder according to the websites on the internet (both on the official site of the satellites, and on unofficial lists).To make things even stranger, I am getting some channels on Hotbird that should be encrypted, eg.

The most likely situation to me seems to be that doing the factory reset somehow messed-up the receiver's tuner. Have you popped over to Lyngsat to make sure that you are scanning the right transponder for bbc world?Were you also able to watch BBC World on Hotbird immediately prior to reset (they have moved to a new TP on Hotbird 7A in the past few weeks so the TP might have to be entered manually)?Mediatel etc on 11804 means either the LNB LO settings are wrong or the Diseqc switching is wrong.11804 - 10600 = 1204 IF (hi band)1204 IF 9750 = 10954 (lo band) which is more or less 10949 which is what is should be.My apartment building has satellite dishes pointing at Hotbird and Nilesat.I set-up my digital satellite receiver as the building manager told me to, and it worked fine, but I had a feeling that I was not getting all the Hotbird channels I should, so I did a factory reset and started scanning the channels again, but this time I didn't get all of the channels that I used to have on either Nilesat or Hotbird (reception of both is perfect... For example before the factory reset I used to get BBC World on Nilesat, but I don't get it anymore.BBC World can be found on Hotbird : Hotbird 7A (13.0E) - 11334.33 H - DVB-S - 27500 2/3 - NID: 272 - TID: 901 - Txp: 7 - Beam: Europe - Mediaset Hotbird 7A (13.0E) - 11431.80 V - DVB-S - 27500 2/3 - NID: 272 - TID: 905 - Txp: 12 - Beam: Europe - Mediaset Hotbird 6 (13.0E) - 12597.00 V - DVB-S - 27500 3/4 - NID: 318 - TID: 9400 - Txp: 94 - Beam: Europe - France Telecom Cable & Noos Numérique & TPSMJ It sounds like the LNB settings are incorrect following the receiver reset.

Can you post an example from above of the receiver frequency for a channel that is different from the frequnecy given on Lyngsat or Satcodx?Is this just something to do with SMATV, or does it indicate something else?Is it really possible for some channels on Hotbird to give quite strong signals (Quality over 30%), while others have absolutely no signal at all (both Level and Quality 0%)?If you post the frequency of a channel which it scanned that is different from the websites, it'll be possible to figure out what's wrong.BBC World India which is on Nilesat was due to be encrypted at some point, but it's not possible to check that from Ireland.Are you sure Nilesat is on Diseqc A and Hotbird on B and not vice versa?