Scattergories lists 1-12 online dating

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Before the game starts, each person should be given a game folder containing the answer sheet, which is divided into three sections for the three rounds of the game, and the category cards.

Use some of these categories to increase the amount of time you can enjoy the game.

Then the first player reads off their answers to each of the categories while the other players mark off any of their answers that matches the first player.

The next player then reads off any unique answers that he has left and players mark off those answers. You then the mark the number of unique answers you have for that round at the top of the paper.

If you love playing Scattergories, Scattergories Categories may be your new favorite game.

Though the two games are essentially different, the idea of coming up with words that start with a specific letter and fit a variety of themes applies to both.

The rounds are shorter than a traditional game of Scattergories and your friends and family members will have fun dominating the categories they know well.

The game is familiar enough so players will be comfortable with it right away, but different enough to provide a fresh take on a favorite. You have three minutes per round and earn points when you write down words that are not duplicated by anyone else. A word that uses the letter twice (such as Green Grape) gets two points.In Scattergories Categories, there is no letter die and there are no topic cards.While Scattergories Categories offers 250 different categories, if you play a lot you will burn through them quickly.250 categories equals 250 rounds and at 2 minutes a round, that's only 8 hours of play.The players then have three minutes to fill in an answer for each of the twelve categories.

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