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Dwynen's Elite and Elvish Visionary are pretty much filler Elves.

Cards like Anger of the Gods, Supreme Verdict, and Ugin, the Spirit Dragon are extremely difficult for our deck to beat, so our best bet is to be aggressive enough to win the game before our opponent can untap.It has the potential to inadvertently fix the mana of a color screwed opponent.As a result, it's sometimes better to wait until we find an Elvish Champion before resolving the enchantment.As such, our nut draw is something like turn one mana dork, turn two Elvish Archdruid, turn three Dwynen's Elite plus two more one-drops, tap Elvish Archdruid, play another lord.and allowing us to attack for lethal through blockers.The ability is simply too slow, not impactful enough, and sort of a no-bo with our deck's aggressive nature.

Just about any other three mana Elf lord would be better in this slot.

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Instead of comboing off with Nettle Sentinel and Heritage Druid or casting Chord of Calling for Craterhoof Behemoth, we are looking to play as many Elf lords as possible and beat our opponent down before they have a chance to recover!

This week, by popular demand, we are heading to Modern to play a Beatdown Elves deck that is essentially the Green version of Merfolk.

Otherwise we end up being too slow for the Modern format. It's ability to tap for a bunch of mana often allows us to empty our hand on turn three.