Sea floor dating

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Sea floor dating

Bulbous eyes, something of a rarity at the depths it inhabits, and a line of hinged teeth — the better to maneuver prey down its throat — mark it as an ambush predator.

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The method to estimate the contribution from 228Ra series has to be developed in future for those in which 228Ra is not detected.What little we know about it comes from sediment dredged up from the seafloor and brief snapshots captured by remotely operated submarines.This makes it a gold mine for marine biologists, for whom each rare glimpse beneath the waves offers up a bounty of new species and rare observations.In a dark world of crushing pressures and barren landscapes, creatures we’ve never seen before, and, likely, couldn’t even imagine, are swimming.The ocean’s abyssal zone begins over two miles beneath surface; it’s so deep that light never touches it.Like many deep-sea creatures it’s colored red, a fairly safe choice deep down as red light barely penetrates beneath the surface, tinting them a dull, camouflaged brown.

Not every denizen of the deep is armed with weaponry, however.Some even look almost too fragile to move, and rely on their ability to blend in and hide to avoid being eaten.Or, like sea spiders, they just don’t really seem worth eating.Wicked fangs and a mouth that can stretch to dizzying proportions make it a poor, defenseless blind cusk eel’s worst nightmare.Thankfully, however, the viperfish is actually tiny — you could hold one easily in the palm of your hand, although you really probably shouldn’t.In daily dispatches, the team has detailed the results of their research as they come in, offering up images of glowing starfish, toothy predators, slender-stalked crinoids and more, many of them new to science.