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I have a great deal of experience with this situation, and strong convictions as well.These patients die most commonly as a consequence of struggling and stress!

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A patient in severe respiratory distress is at risk of death as a consequence of minimal diagnostic or therapeutic interventions, but is also at risk if you do nothing; it would be well to advise your client of this at your initial contact!Gabapentin comes in a pre-loaded syringe in liquid form. We recently examined and treated a feral cat who had been pre-medicated with this drug and she was an absolute breeze to handle.Gabapentin does not cause full sedation, but causes a cat to be a little slow. Danna said the best way to describe the effects is that it makes the patient indifferent. For safety, owners should know that a cat treated with gabapentin may be woozy or uncoordinated until the medication wears off.One of the side effects of the above narcotics is respiratory depression.Nevertheless morphine has long been a staple therapy for people presented with congestive heart failure (although people are commonly intubated for assisted respiration as well).In cats, it is highly effective in reducing fear and anxiety!

Three hours before a vet visit, the owner gives the medication at home.Obviously I would prefer for the dyspneic patient to receive oxygen before, during, and after all interventions, but you've probably noted that some patients will struggle even if you are trying to blow some oxygen in their face; they may need sedation before you can even examine them.My concoction of choice for sedating cardiac patients, both dogs and cats, is diazepam (Valium) and butorphanol, 0.2 mg/kg of each, mixed for an IV injection (stings if given out of the vein).In the past, the only way to handle these cats was to completely sedate them.Procedures involving sedation cost more and take more time and all anesthetic events carry some measure of risk.Another potential side effect of the narcotic is bradycardia.

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