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In cima a quello, che ho avuto, letteralmente, migliaia di risposte dai profili incontri online che ho postato su Net vari siti di incontri.Tutta questa ricerca di prima mano mi ha fatto un po ' di un esperto in materia di creazione di un profilo che attira l'attenzione di potenziali pretendenti.

This gravity of devotion is unconditional, and you cannot deviate from it, or you will have done a grave injustice if your mate has been ever faithful to you. If someone believes they unconditionally love me and I ridicule and make fun of me, odds are they're not going to love me anymore.Therefore, there are conditions already on the strength of the love... I stand by my original opinion, and that's that it doesn't exist. Conditions don't apply to the emotion, just the expression of it. If there are stipulations to any part of a relationship, that's in regards to a given aspect of the relationship. Trust, respect, hell even liking them, might waver, but the love [email protected] darma What a beautiful description of unconditional love! I am presently trying to grasp the enormity of uncondition love. Keep in mind that there are many ways to love a person. I do not know how I am meant to love this person yet. Some people are willing to try harder to work things out and are more forgiving. Love Author: Unknown Ward and June Cleaver for Wally and the Beav... Ward and June may not of had it for each was close if they didn't (they wouldn't let us peak into their relationship so much at that time in TV land).People just use the phrase unconditional love because they're hanging onto some fleeting hope as hopeless romantics.[You might love someone but if they don't love you back, it's not the same as if they did. There is someone in my life whom I care for very much, and for the first time in my life, I find myself not expecting anything in return, not putting conditions on it, or basing my love on his actions (or lack thereof). Maybe in a romantic way, but maybe just as a friend. Those are the people that have long happy marriages. I have received it (thank you mom and dad)Who doesn't long for it?She is now 21 and I could not love my own child more than I love her! Place any two human beings alone on an island for long enough and, if they don’t kill each other, they will come to love each other.She was so little, so innocent, she was and still is my baby. This is one of the reasons why arranged marriages have historically worked, despite conventional wisdom; the idea that people will “come to love each other” actually works.2.You accept them for the good and the bad, their weaknesses and their strength.

You have the ability to embrace your fears along with the one you love. It means you can withstand all the hardships that leave other relationships nothing more than a desersted ship wreck for someone else to dig through the treasures and only try to imagine the life that once lived among those treasures.

Therefore, there are conditions already on the strength of the love... Now granted, this does not apply to all my relationships, but definately the one I was describing. If you want unconditional love, you can always get a dog! When you love someone unconditionally, you are flying. If your feeling for someone is conditional, it is not love you are feeling.

it's not unconditional by definition.]This does not apply to all people for all reasons obviously, and realistcally. I 'm going to take a different tack, and that's that "unconditional love" is redundant. I have not yet met 'the one' that I love UNCONDITIONALLY.... The barriers fall, and you are left with complete comfort and security in the presense of that person. You can show them who you are, and who you wish to be. Love is a biological response to intimacy over time.

Unconditional love is not experienced by everyone, and if you have never experienced it, the closest you can come to fathom it is that for a parent for his love of a 99% of the cases where a friend of mine stated that they unconditionally loved someone, they always contradicted themselves by stating conditions. It's best to measure up to the resolves of the day and hope, without too much emotional attachment, for the pleasures love brings for tomorrow.

You might love someone but if they don't love you back, it's not the same as if they did. I love a lot of people, and once given, my love doesn't shake. But, it's something beautiful, a gift I would love to be able to give. It is the feeling that most people have for their children, no matter what they do, we will still love them and still want them in our lives. Most people have thier limits of what they will accept in a relationship, which is why a lot of people break up.

Invece, a creare maniglie come "Alligator Wrestler" e "Urban Spelunker".

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