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Discovery’s Facebook page was awash in criticism following the program, and geek icon Wil Wheaton penned a widely disseminated blog post slamming the network for abusing its viewer’s trust: [Discovery] had a chance to even show what could possibly happen if there were something that large and predatory in the ocean today … In a cynical ploy for ratings, the network deliberately lied to its audience and presented fiction as fact. Even after the hoax was revealed, Discovery has remained coy, essentially maintaining that, since a contemporary megalodon cannot be disproven, the jury is out on its continued existence.

Normal male-female lion sex is a rough affair and lasts a few seconds, but Goldstein noted that this encounter appeared to be quite affectionate.There’s only one problem: Despite what the show’s title may claim, this “monster shark” has been extinct for more than one million years.Those watching the “documentary,” however, were not burdened with such inconvenient truths.The Discovery Channel is drawing fire after airing a documentary that is closer to science fiction than science fact.On Sunday, the network kicked off Shark Week—their annual (and immensely popular) block of programs showcasing everyone’s favorite aquatic predator—with a program called Megalodon: The Monster Shark That Lives. With a maximum length of 60 feet and teeth the size of butchers’ knives, the megalodon ( pictured at right) is one of history’s most fearsome predators.More fabricated “evidence” supporting the creature’s existence is presented, including a whale whose tail has been bitten off by an unknown animal, and a Coast Guard video showing a giant, shark-like shape moving through the water.

Viewers, perhaps accustomed to trusting a channel that calls itself “the world’s #1 non-fiction media company” (as Christie Wilcox of magazine points out), were apparently convinced by all the smoke and mirrors (and CGI).

A post-show poll shows 79 percent of respondents, as of Tuesday evening.

believed the megalodon is still alive after watching the documentary.

Goldstein told that he observed the lions wander off in search of a little privacy.

“Sometimes you just see something that takes your breath away.

Only 27 percent said they thought the shark was extinct and “the scientists are right.” Discovery is not new to the business of creating fake documentaries claiming to prove the existence of the strange and supernatural, In 2012 , Animal Planet—like the Discovery Channel, part of the vast Discovery Communications empire—aired a piece of so-called ‘docufiction’ entitled Mermaids: The Body Found.

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