Sex campers

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The choices have never been better, and for gear nerds, you’ll never run out of new stuff to buy.

It’s clever origami concept comes courtesy of former NASA habitation module designer, and company founder, Garrett Finney, who specialized in small spaces aboard the International Space Station.Comes equipped with a solar array, electric outlets, and a pressurized water system.And if the Venture OHV is more camper than you need, North Carolina-based Inka Outdoor builds other models. You should also check out these great trucks you can use to haul your ranger.Easily towable at just 1500-pounds, it features adjustable air springs and 32-inch tires for 17 inches of ground clearance.It sleeps two on a queen sized 7 inch mattress along with space for cooking and storage.Furnished models start at ,500 without toilet, stove, shower, etc.

The roof pops up just like the real ones, which the company assures us were not harmed in the making.The ultra-lightweight, all-fiberglass HC1 weighs only 1,100 pounds.And we have more great gear to crush your camping game here. just the basics, you can’t beat the no frills XTR, a rugged 1,500-pound teardrop.When pitching a tent by flashlight gets old, it’s time to consider a camper.We’re not talking about the oversized dorky ones festooned with silly graphics that crowd RV parks.At Happier Camper we have put many camping and trailer accessories to the test.

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