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Near the end of the interview, the 9-year-old asked if investigators would speak to Ortman, and, according to court records, the child advocate said yes.“Good, I want Ken to know,” the boy allegedly said.Ortman told the News-Leader in October that he was never interviewed by police in connection with the Nickel rape case and does not know the facts of the case very well.

Court records say Nickel also told the investigator that staff was aware of sexual contact between him and the 9-year-old boy.

Nickel eventually pleaded guilty to statutory sodomy and was sentenced to seven years in prison.

A resident of the ranch told investigators in 2009 he saw Nickel and the 9-year-old in bed together, court records say, and another boy described seeing Nickel molest the 9-year-old, apparently on a different occasion.

A mandated reporter is someone required by law to report suspected child abuse, neglect or exploitation.

Cheryl Curtis volunteers in the kitchen at the Lives Under Construction Boys Ranch in Lampe, MO.

She is part of an organization called Servants on Wheels Ever Ready out of Kansas that travels and volunteers in exchange for a place to hook up their RV's.“This is not a cover-up deal, we want these kids to have peace in their hearts,” Pierce told an investigator.

Pierce spoke with the News-Leader in a phone call in December.

Nickel allegedly told investigators that staff would call him perverted or a “chomo” — a slang term for a child molester.

The investigator wrote in his report that staff "kept pressing the issue about him doing something with a little boy and he got 'f---ing mad and he got irritated.' Nickel stated he almost got 'into it' with one of the staffers, named Red."Nickel described Red as being big, with long red hair and a scraggly beard and tattoos," the investigator wrote.

Ortman said numerous boys have been ordered by judges to attend the ranch.

Many boys are sent by parents who feel they can no longer control their sons, Ortman said.

When they arrive at the ranch, residents are taken off psychiatric medications.

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