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Macron’s program is a mix of both left-wing ideas, like strong climate-change regulations and EU commitments; and right-wing policies, like giving companies greater ability to fire employees, and rolling back special wealth-taxes on the richest citizens.

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“We have been in contact for the past weeks, both teams,” Haim, who was previously a political correspondent in Washington, told TIME.

U., drop the use of the Euro and bring back a national currency, and drastically roll back all immigration.

Barnstorming across the country, Le Pen has raced to mobilize her supporters in the final days of the campaign.

Those fears will likely propel Le Pen into the second round, polls suggest, but that they are not enough to clinch the presidency for her. As the race has tightened over the past two weeks, pollsters have warned that while the line-up of candidates has seemed relatively stable, the election remains very unpredictable—and that the elections could yet produce a massive upset.

In a country where people generally keep their views to themselves, the prospect of a totally unpredictable outcome has exploded in conversation over the past week.

K.” On Thursday, another politician often compared to JFK gave Macron a friendly call: Barack Obama.

The two parties that have governed France for nearly 50 years—the ruling Socialist Party and the Republicans—have floundered badly amid voter anger and scandal.

At that point, according to most polls, left-wing and right-wing voters will band together to vote for Macron, no matter what their political views are, in order to deny Le Pen the presidency.

The right-winger is vowing to take France out of the E.

In a jam-packed sports arena on Easter Monday, the man currently tipped to win the French presidential election—a strikingly young politician fighting his first-ever campaign—stood on a spotlit podium in front of more than 20,000 people, promising to transform his country’s government and kickstart its flagging economy. Just two days before the country is set to vote on Sunday, in the first round of an election many see as its most consequential in decades, all is still to play for.

“Our generation is to govern our country effectively together,” Macron shouted, over loud chants from the crowds of, “We will win! ” Standing on the floor, Nicole Landre, a 60-year-old marketing manager from the affluent Paris suburb of Sevres, was thrilled. Nonetheless, Haim said, it was not a formal endorsement “but a conversation between two men who share the same democratic values.” The presidential imprimatur might seem to add to the growing sense of inevitability surrounding Macron — but it is still deeply uncertain whether the young centrist can emerge from this bruising election as the winner.

) “For the first time we have four candidates who could qualify for the second round,” he says.