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This year, it makes sense to itemize deductions, since they total more than the $12,700 standard deduction. Under these circumstances, it makes sense to shift giving you planned to do in 2018 into 2017.If you shift $100 in giving from 2018 to 2017, your 2017 itemized deductions would increase to $20,100, your taxable income would drop by $100, and your tax would drop by $25.

Petrus Gyllius copied Pliny, introducing the term zoophyta for this third group in his 1535 book On the French and Latin Names of the Fishes of the Marseilles Region; it is popularly but wrongly supposed that Aristotle created the term.

In Oklahoma, donations to qualified opportunity scholarship funds can qualify for tax credits and make K-12 Christian education affordable for more children.

Fellowship for Performing Arts produces award-winning theater productions designed to entertain and engage diverse audiences from a Christian worldview.

A set of tentacles surround a central mouth opening. Over many generations, the colony thus creates a large skeleton characteristic of the species.

Individual heads grow by asexual reproduction of polyps.

A coral "group" is a colony of myriad genetically identical polyps.

Each polyp is a sac-like animal typically only a few millimeters in diameter and a few centimeters in length.

The maximum benefit from this approach, where the amount shifted would result in a tax savings equal to your current marginal rate times the amount, would be derived from shifting enough to bring your 2017 itemized deductions above ,700, and bringing your expected 2018 deductions below ,000.

Shifting ,300 in giving from next year to this year would save you that amount times your current marginal tax rate. Many non-profits have matching gift challenges in effect, with donors pledging to match gifts, sometimes by multiples.

I could name many other excellent organizations, but these are a few that are worth your consideration, as you consider your year-end giving.

Corals are marine invertebrates in the class Anthozoa of phylum Cnidaria.

Other organizations are striving to influence the culture: Christian education at any level (e.g.