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Sex dating in kingston utah

The spouse and children who died young are frequently buried nearby.More than tombstone inscriptions, cemetery records include sextons (caretakers) records and interment (burial) records, each with slightly different information. If you did not find a person or family in a census, check county indexes.

In addition, many centers have free how-to genealogy classes. Search the online FHC directory for a nearby family history center.

See Utah Court Records for the various courts through the years.

For specialized court records, see Divorce Land records (especially deeds) often give the name of a spouse, heir, other relatives, or other clues for further research.

Piute County, Utah Genealogy is surrounded by: Beaver | Garfield | Sevier |

For an explanation of how to find Bible records and for helpful links see Utah Bible Records. See United States Business Records See also Utah Business Records Cemetery records often reveal birth, death, relationship, military, and religious information.

Piute County Courthouse550 North Main Street P O Box 90Junction, UT 84740Phone: 435-557-2840 County Clerk has birth and death records from 1898, marriage records from 1887, divorce, probate and court records from 1872.

For animated maps illustrating Utah County boundary changes, "Rotating Formation Utah County Boundary Maps" (1849-1960) may be viewed for free at the Mapof website. from Newberry Library's Utah Atlas of Historical County Boundaries, for a timeline of boundary changes for Piute County, Utah Genealogy.

Created by people familiar with the unique names of the area, county indexes may be in book form, in periodicals, or even on index cards in libraries.

The information given in church records depends upon the practices of each religious group.

Also try National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections (online).

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