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At some stage of life in Nottingham, most of us will call that boulevard stretch of Radford, Lenton and its environs home.However, it is quite unsettling to think that hand in hand surrounding the cosy trinity of kebab shops, pubs and Jackson's is an area riddled with crime.

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This subsequently creates social exclusion where more and more children are being brought up in poverty, a regular factor in cases of teenage pregnancy.One local police officer admitted that an awful lot of shootings do occur in the area, and that the figures are currently increasing.But the shootings themselves do not tell the whole story.However, Nottingham also plays host to another, darker side.Since the late 90s it has been one of only three areas where armed police stroll the beat.She gave birth to an eight-pound baby at the QMC in September.

The mother-daughter age difference is similar to that of sisters. Apart from the risks to the mother and baby, such as higher infant mortality and poor antenatal health there are usually consequences for the community as a whole.Local schemes such as KISS (Knowledge and Information on Sexual Health and Sexuality) and Club One aim to reduce the worryingly high rate of teenage pregnancy by offering an accessible and less intimidating service for young people.As a result Nottingham authorities have outlined a plan of action for the next seven years; with the intention of a 15% reduction in unwanted conceptions in under 16 year olds by 2004, and a further 50% reduction in 2010.Drug related crime in Nottingham Despite optimistic claims by the city council that the drugs problem is becoming more managed, most Drugs Centres are now admitting to a definite rise in recreational and experimental drugs use across the county.This is all the more alarming, when you consider that one baby per month in the city of Nottingham is born already addicted to heroin.A look at some of the less talked of facets of life in Nottingham, why they are becoming such a huge problem, and what the authorities are doing to remedy the situation.

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