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Trump has demanded a retraction from the , and has threatened to sue several outlets. A woman who brought a rape case against Trump (twice) withdrew her suit in November, but in January, Summer Zervos sued Trump for defamation, after he labeled her claims of sexual assault false.’s Matt Viser reports on the mess of the American Dream pageant in 1992.

It’s unusual for a president to be in such a legal situation—though not entirely unprecedented.

Trump denied those claims, saying all of the women who had accused him had made their stories up.

So Zervos sued him for defamation.“I wanted to give Mr.

On one occasion, Trump allegedly asked them to bring some models to a party. In a limo afterward, another model said she heard him say that “all women are bimbos” and most “gold diggers.” Trump reportedly joined another model in bed, uninvited, late at night.

On other occasions, he forced Harth into bedrooms and made passes at her, she said. Harth sued Trump, alleging sexual misbehavior, while the couple together sued him for breach of contract.

Donald Trump is now president and not just a private citizen, but that doesn’t mean he’s free of the controversies that dogged him in his former life.

Last week, a few days before Trump’s inauguration, former contestant Summer Zervos sued him in New York state, accusing the president of defamation.In the end, however, the Trumps settled with the government, promising not to discriminate and submitting to regular review by the New York Urban League—though crucially not admitting guilt.The The dirt: Trump has been linked to the mafia many times over the years, with varying degrees of closeness.You can do anything,” he said, as well as “I just start kissing them. Two told that Trump had assaulted them, one saying he tried to put his hand up her skirt on a flight in the 1970s and another saying he forcibly kissed her. A former People reporter recounted an alleged assault at his Mar-a-Lago debate, and says he told her, “You know we’re going to have an affair, don’t you?” Several former teen pageant contestants said Trump walked in on them while they were naked or partially dressed. In the sexual-assault cases, Trump faces the difficulty that he in some cases bragged openly about just the behavior of which he has accused—whether grabbing or forcibly kissing.Trump the opportunity to retract his false statements about me and the other women who came forward,” she said, as my colleague Nora Kelly reported.

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