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While they waited, “Mike” became a teaching tool for anthropology students. An unlikely series of events led to his murder and, two and a half decades later, to his identification.

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It is important to note that Nam US does not provide a completely accurate number because it is a voluntary public database used by both law enforcement and the public to share information. 23, 2015 | Race: White | Sex: Female | Height: 65 to 67 inches | Weight: 150 to 160 pounds | Hailee Bogle was last seen in Phoenix and may have dyed her hair black. Maya has a history of providing false names and may portray herself as an adult.

These are all the Arizona children in the Nam Us registry. Alexis Alexzandrea Miller, 17 | City: Phoenix, Ariz.

Leonzo was left next to a tree because he wasn't feeling well and his nose was bleeding. | Date last seen: May 23, 2012 | Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino | Sex: Male | Height: 67 to 68 inches | Weight: 145 to 155 pounds | Dilver Maldonado Dearcia was last known to be crossing the U. The Border Patrol found the group on the 27th, the group scattered, and he never showed up again. S.-Mexicao border the next day at Sonoyta/Lukeville. | Date last seen: May 5, 2009 | Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino | Sex: Male | Height: 66 inches | Weight: 200 pounds | Orlando Delfino-Salinas was last seen on May 5, 2009. Rita and her mother were in the process of moving back to Mexico when Rita disappeared. | Date last seen: May 16, 2008 | Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino | Sex: Male | Height: 58 inches | Weight: 101 pounds | Erick Salguero Franco was last seen on May 16, 2008 and was last known to be in or near Nogales, Arizona. 22, 2007 | Race/Ethnicity: White/Hispanic | Sex: Male | Height: 31 inches | Weight: 31 pounds | Ephram Richeson was allegedly abducted by his father, Jonathan Richeson, on Oct. A federal warrant for international parental kidnapping was issued for Jonathan on Oct. They may travel to Mexico, Ecuador, or other locations in Central or South America. S.-Mexico border on foot with a small group of migrants. They told Border Patrol that they had left a kid behind. Jesse was last seen wearing a brown and black checkered flannel short sleeve shirt, a white t-shirt, and navy blue pants. At the time of her disappearance, Jacqueline was wearing a white outfit. Alexander Walter Roberts, 12 | City: Phoenix, Ariz. | Date last seen: May 6, 1959 | Race: White | Sex: Female | Height: 62 to 64 inches | Weight: 110 to 120 pounds | Diane Webb was last known to be in Phoenix, Ariz. Some time after that, Diane's husband said he gave her money to return home by bus. This desire to give families closure is what led the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and Phoenix Police Department, among other agencies, to organize the third annual Missing in Arizona day on Saturday. Their goals are to open new cases, collect additional evidence for unsolved cases, and to provide support for families who are still waiting for answers.“Missing in Arizona is an opportunity to provide for families that have been bounced around from agency to agency, jurisdiction to jurisdiction,” said Detective Tony Rodarte of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. We’re not here to bash on law enforcement, or really anybody. So we provide one day out of the year for families to come forward and report a missing loved one, as long as there is a connection to Arizona.”“We get everything,” Rodarte explained.

Carlos Eduardo Beiza Lopez, 16 | City: Sasabe, Ariz. A man crossing with him said that he got very sick, and was vomiting on the way. 8, 2011, saying that Enrique had a heart attack on Aug. He said that this was before reaching the Cerro de Elefante. 11, 2009 | Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino | Sex: Female | Height: 61 to 65 inches | Weight: 105 to 120 pounds | Yareli Marlem Barajas left her home with an adult associate of her family. Although he is missing from El Ciruelo, Mexico, the Tohono O'Odham Nation Police Department in Arizona are interested in his whereabouts. He was last seen wearing a black shirt, black camouflage pants, and black Fila brand shoes. Samuel Robinson, 1 | City: Phoenix | Date last seen: Sept. She has a heart-shaped birthmark on her upper right arm. | Date last seen: July 29, 1960 | Race: White | Sex: Male | Height: 59 to 61 inches | Weight: 90 to 100 pounds | Alexander Walter Roberts disappeared from the area of 13th and Brill streets in Phoenix, Ariz. “We have families come that have not made these reports in decades.

He reassured her that he would fly into Sea-Tac Airport and eventually make his way back home. But he was staying with a couple named Carol and Michael Alan Root. When Benson didn’t hear back from Todd, she called the number he gave her. Benson asked if Mertes was there.“She muffled the phone and said: ‘Somebody’s asking for Todd.’ And a male voice answered, ‘Hang up the phone! ’ ”Police now believe Mertes was murdered by Mike Root while staying at his house. Meanwhile, when Root caught wind that his cover was blown, he fled to Michigan, where he murdered two more people.

This time he was caught and sentenced to life behind bars. But shortly after Root left, Carol told a friend what had happened, and this woman tipped off the police.In September 1986, Benson spoke with Mertes for the very last time.He called her from a Phoenix number and said: “I’m in trouble.Laura Fulginiti had developed a certain rapport with him.She hoped to see the day when his true identity would be revealed. Surely, someone out there was waiting for him to return home. He frequently rode motorcycles, and, sadly, he was stabbed to death. Todd was 25 when he was murdered and discarded in the desert.Professional Matchmakers work with you to determine the exact type of man or woman that would be best for you, and then do their best to find that person and introduce you two. By getting you into an amazing relationship with your best friend and love of your life! What part of your life isn’t improved by the company of the right person?