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If he had had less talent he would have had less influence for evil over his successors. The other is Pietro Vannucci, called II Perugino (1446-1523).

In offering to the public a new edition of the Handbook for Central Italy, the Editor may venture to say a few words as to the purpose he has put before him, and the method by which he has endeavoured to attain it. Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2016 CENTRAL ITALY . In dealing with works of art he has felt that his first duty was that of selection. ' A HANDBOOK FOR TRAVELLERS IN CENTRAL ITALY INCLUDING TUSCANY, THE TUSCAN ISLANDS, UMBRIA, THE MARCHES, AND PART OF THE LATE PATRIMONY OF ST. A Handbook loses its chief usefulness if it is merely an indiscriminate catalogue of all the pictures and statues in the district it describes. After the beginning of the 16th cent, the decadence of art in Central Italy proceeded rapidly. As none of his great paintings are in Central Italy, we may claim to be excused the arduous task of criticizing them. xxvii (1452-1519) ; for few of his best works are to be found in our district.

We have passed over one of the greatest of painters, Leonardo da Vinci Introduction : Painting.

PISA to ROME, by GROSSETO, ORBETELLO, and Civitavecchia .

civita castellana to Rome, by RIGNANO (road) 123 Route 20.

It has done its work : why should there be prophets when there is no one to listen to them ? LIST OF THE CHIEF ARTISTS (ITALIAN AND FOREIGN) Whose works are noticed in this Handbook ; together with references to some of their most important works.

PORTO Cl VITANOVA to FABRIANO, by MACERATA 191 ROUTE 32. As soon as a painter paints for other painters, that they may admire his technical skill ; as soon as his spectators know enough of technique to seek and admire it rather than deeper meanings ; — so soon is art on its way to perish.

FLORENCE to ROME, by SIENA and VITERBO (road) 121 Route 19.