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Womenswear will comprise the majority of the Fall 2011 collection and features a full wardrobe of knits, outerwear and denim, priced from $59 to $189, with design embellishments such as lace and sheer fabrics.Perched on the edge of her sunlounger, the young Jamaican man picks up the woman's hand and lavishes it with kisses. And, as she confides to a girlfriend, there are "plenty more where he came from".

So much so, in fact, that the phenomenon is increasingly being seen as part of mainstream culture.And they are prepared to pay for it - one way or another.Sex tourism, of course, is more usually associated with the men who visit the seedy fleshpots of the Far East.She is, she emphasises with a knowing wink: "Just here to have a bit of fun."She is not the only one.On the seven-mile beachfront which forms the Jamaican resort of Negril, this somewhat unsavoury scene plays out time and again every day.Og dit alter ego er jo en vidunderlig lærenem skabning- lover bestemt godt for de følgende afsnit!

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One glance along the soft white sands of Negril beach this week could confirm that there was plenty of material for her to draw upon for the role.

Every year, the flights to nearby Montego Bay disgorge thousands of unaccompanied women who make the hour-long onward journey to the beach resort.

A longfavoured destination for British package tourists drawn to its white sand and turquoise sea, Negril has become the destination of choice for another kind of visitor: the female sex tourist.