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Sex pleasure bot chat with voice - o mercador de veneza dublado online dating

That means, essentially, that Negobot treats conversations as a game, with the objective of gathering as much potential evidence of pedophilic tendencies as possible.And it’s the use of “game theory” that makes Negobot so impressive–and so much more than just an app. It will chat to strangers in a chat room about ordinary subjects, but once a stranger starts speaking in innuendo or overt sexual overtones, Negobot goes into game mode, tagging the chatter as “possibly pedophile.” Here it will start “revealing” personal details any 14-year-old girl might bring up: problems with siblings or school, life at home, boys.

Specifically, does sex with a robot that can understand our physical needs constitute cheating?

There’s a perfect use for it in sexual technology because it demonstrates that a lifelike erotic AI is feasible.

If there are realistic sexbots in the future, they’re going to need not only a good AI that mimics human behavior, but also an AI that can recognize sexual innuendo. If it can detect when a chatter says something that has a sexual connotation, then it will have no problem mimicking the first stage of human foreplay: verbal innuendo.

This is where it gets interesting, because while most people would say the use of a smart vibrator (which is essentially a “dumb” robot) would not constitute cheating, the You Gov/Huffington Post survey revealed 42% of respondents said sex with a robot be cheating (while 31% said it wouldn’t, and 26% were not sure).

To put that another way: Sex with a vibrator = not cheating.

Negobot is a clever, indeed ingenious, use of software.

The skill at which the programmers have enabled it to accurately mimic a 14-year-old girl approaches a work of art. It knows the latest adolescent slang and pop references.

It’s absolutely vital that you don’t cross a line into entrapment which will foil any potential prosecution”, he said.

That’s not to say I don’t think Negobot shouldn’t be used at all.

Regardless, it does demonstrate a willingness among people–especially youth–to allow technology into their most intimate moments.

And it’s these people who are the reason why “smart” vibrators like the Vibease, which sets its speed according to cues from spoken erotic e-books, are finding an increasing marketplace among a population that is growing ever more comfortable–even intimate–with technology.

If the chatter continues along sexual lines of conversation, Negobot tags that chatter as “allegedly pedophile” and goes into full-on gaming mode.

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