Sex slaves in cambodia

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Nicholas 1st reported on sex-trafficking in Cambodia in 1996 where he saw a modern form of slavery in the form of child prostitution.

The girls in the brothel were forced to sleep naked at night, so that they would be too embarrassed to try to escape. Parveen says she believes that two of them, Malo Jan and Suwa Tai, were killed after they repeatedly refused to sleep with customers.Nicholas Kristof, a NY times reporter, shares the terrifying experiences he witnessed in a war against sex-trafficking over a period of 18 years while researching and travelling across different countries.He says he's still shaken by what he discovered within the dark alleys of these brothels.Meena found hope in an organization named Apne Aap that helped her out but she is still threatened by the brothel. "Americans tend to associate “modern slavery” with illiterate girls in India or Cambodia." says Nicholas.Yet he came across a well educated girl name Yumi, of a South Korean origin, who was tricked into smuggling and prostitution by faking a job opening that would pay her 00.They were forced to engage with up to 10 customers a night, because they were considered the brothel owner's property.

If they tried to escape, they were locked up in separate rooms , starved and beaten up for days.In any case condoms were never available, so all the girls may eventually die of AIDS Meena was kidnapped from her village in north India by a trafficker and eventually locked up in a 13-girl brothel in the town of Katihar.When she was perhaps 11 or 12 — she remembers only that it was well before she had begun to menstruate — the slaver locked her in a room with a white-haired customer who had bought her virginity.Such is the degree of obscenity that prevails in these low-lying brothels."When I met Aisha Parveen in 2006, she was an impoverished 20-year-old from the countryside awaiting a Pakistani court’s decision to return her to a brothel owner who tortured her for six years." says Nicholas She was described as 'a girl without importance' She was 14 years old when she was struck on the back of her head while on her way to school.Innocence was long lost and one could only notice despair and suffering in the eyes of these girls.

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