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But this story is much darker, deeper, and more sinister. One little-known secret about Stranger Things is that it was originally titled Montauk, and it was supposed to take place in New York.

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How did the scientists at Camp Hero exploit these powers?

According to the text, the Montauk Chair was a chair that had been enhanced with unimaginable technology: it could manifest whatever its subject was imagining.

Basically, the chair would purportedly read the seated person's mind and make their thoughts a reality.

According to the stories, the Navy was conducting experiments in 1943.

The goal was to render a military vessel invisible so that enemies could not detect it by radar or other means.

They built something called "the Montauk Chair." At this point, we meet Preston Nichols, who came into the picture after Bielek's stories began to circulate on a broader scale.

Nichols would go on to write his own account of The Montauk Project.Well, here's the thing: it's actually inspired by a real-life conspiracy theory that's so wild and detailed, you'll almost want to believe it.We're not talking about Project MK-Ultra, though the Duffer brothers (who created Stranger Things) admitted that they incorporated aspects of that conspiracy theory into the show as well.The only way to stop the Upside Down from leaking further into reality is to close the gate. But because of the whole fiasco, his brother began to age rapidly. The scientists were desperate to somehow keep him alive, so here was their plan: back in the past, in the same timeline, Bielek convinced his parents to have another son: "Whether you will accept the metaphysical point of view or not, it was arranged. Because I was back in '43 and there was some transit back and forth because of Montauk, which was still on line for a period of time.To go back to the father and say, 'Hey man, get busy; we need another son, something has happened to Duncan.' So a new son, the last of the line, was born in 1951, and he from '83 was a walk-in, as a soul into the body in 1963, August 12." brother in 1963.If you recall, season one shows Eleven attempting to hear words spoken in other rooms.

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