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A season 1 rumor that the sequence was staged using a real truck and dynamite caused discontent among the drivers.

In Australia it aired on Austar and Foxtel in early 2008 and from June 18 it also began being shown on Network Ten.

Instead, the burly, bearded, swearing men who blow methyl hydrate into their own transmissions and welcome storms as breaks from boredom ...

are much better television." During 2007 the series was shown in the United Kingdom, Australia and various countries in Africa.

Ice Road Truckers (commercially abbreviated IRT) is a reality television series that premiered on History, on June 17, 2007.

It features the activities of drivers who operate trucks on seasonal routes crossing frozen lakes and rivers, in remote Arctic territories in Canada and Alaska.

In autumn 2008 season one aired on RTL 7 in the Netherlands.

The second season premiered on June 8, 2008 in the US; October 9, 2008 on History in the UK and in Australia; November 12, 2008 in New Zealand; and January 7, 2009 on Channel 5 in the UK.The final episode in season one premiered on August 19, 2007. (Note: The total shown on screen is 662,000,000 pounds, corresponding to 331,000 US tons.) Three additional one-hour specials ran in the weeks following "The Final Run".The season has been of the most successful so far, with 10,922 loads totaling 331,000 tonnes (730 million pounds, or 365,000 U. Then and Now premiered on August 26, 2007 and provided a look into the development and future of Canada's ice roads.Virginia Heffernan of The New York Times said, "Watching these guys ...make their runs, it’s hard not to share in their cold, fatigue and horrible highway hypnosis, that existential recognition behind the wheel late at night that the pull of sleep and the pull of death are one and the same. [I]t gets right exactly what Deadliest Catch got right, namely that the leave-nothing-but-your-footprints, green kind of eco-travelers are too mellow and conscientious to be interesting to watch.This hour presented highlights from the first season and gave a preview of things to come in the second one.