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In some cases, we merely observed the events presented but in other instances, we were participants as individuals, as small groups and for a brief time as a body of students attending Woodrow Wilson High School.

It is presented by individual years beginning with 1940 when most of the Class of 1958 made their entrance into this world and will end on May 27, 2008, marking 50 years from graduation.Our mothers and older sisters did their part on the home front, which included taking care of us.Gasoline was rationed (to save rubber) as was sugar and other commodities.We saved string, rubberbands and peeled tin foil off cigarette wrappers to donate to the war effort, sometimes getting free admission to a Beckley movie theater in return for our collection.Scout troops organized scrap metal collections under the supervision of our grandparents. By the end of 1944, the Allies were winning major battles including Guam, Saipan, the Invasion of Normandy and The Battle of the Bulge though at a terrible cost.June 27 The Federal Communication Commission reserved 13 channels for public expansion of television.

Channel 1 was later redesignated for noncommercial use.

Victory in war and transition to peace on Earth was anticipated throughout the nation. Scientists debated the ethical and moral responsibilities of applying nuclear energy and the phrase Kilroy Was Here spread all over the world, led by American GIs. Post war conflicts between management and labor unions played out with 4.6 milion workers participating in strikes, the United Mine Workers Union was readmitted to the American Federation of Labor and the ENIAC (computer) was dedicated in Philadelphia.

New book titles: Cass Timberlake and Captain from Castile. Mary’s, The Lost Weekend, Mildred Pierce, National Velvet and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. August 6 The United States destroyed the entire city of Hiroshima, Japan with a single atom bomb, atomic energy’s first application in warfare. Japan surrendered to the Allies aboard the battleship U. New book titles: All the King’s Men, This Side of Innocence and Mr. At the movies: Brief Encounter, Henry V, The Best Years of Our Lives, To Each His Own and The Razor’s Edge.

New book titles: The Robe and See Here Private Hargrove.

At the movies: In Which We Serve, The Magnificant Ambersons, Johnny Eager, Mrs.

In Europe, Germany invaded Belgium, Denmark, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Norway and conquered France.