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Fabbio noticed that his brain was not registering the sound that his electric toothbrush was making correctly.

That spring, something strange started happening to Fabbio, who had built his life around his passion for music.

Two years ago, Dan Fabbio was a healthy 25-year-old man, working as a music teacher in New York, when his hearing started to go funny.

He went to a neurologist who told Fabbio that he had a benign egg-sized tumor on the right side of his brain.

Dr Mahon helped Fabbio chose a song to play during his operation.

He knew he needed to play something relatively short and something he knew from memory.

Fabbio was enthusiastic about what his case could help the doctors figure out so he agreed.

'Dan was absolutely on board,' Dr Mahon said.'He was a very unique young man,' Dr Pilcher said, describing Fabbio's personality.And in June, a blogger posted online a video of her brain surgery, during which she was lucid.The video shows doctors testing the woman with flashcards - as she is being operated on - so that doctors could learn more about the seizures she had been having.'Awake brain surgeries' are typically performed if a person has a tumor that is close to a part of the brain that controls vision, body movements or language.The medical team engaged Fabbio in some testing to see if his brain was able to interpret music clearly, as Dr Pilcher stood poised above his exposed brains. Fabbio played Arirang as the medical team watched on, astonished.Watchers in the operating room rejoiced as Fabbio finished the tune.THE MEDICAL TEAM APPROACHED FABBIO WITH THE HOPES OF LEARNING MORE ABOUT BRAIN MAPPINGDr Pilcher and Dr Brad Mahon, a professor of Cognitive Sciences at the University of Rochester, had been researching the way that human brains process music and Fabbio seemed like a perfect subject for them to study.