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Skype users girls online now

You should now be able to ping from this system to another address on your local network including the Internet (to check this, ping comto ensure internet connectivity is working) – if you can’t then something has gone wrong!In some cases I have found that you need to head back into the network settings and re-input the DNS, this issue shouldn’t re-occur.

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Trixbox is a great distribution of Asterisk, however it does break certain Asterisk standards and you can’t beat a good ol’ command line – yes in Asterisk’s case the command line is easier than a web interface. Asterisk NOW makes light work of the install and I’m by no means a Linux guru!But one last reboot first, type shutdown –r now, our Asterisk install is now complete, next we’ll need to configure it!To configure our Asterisk PBX we need to edit a number of text files, there are Linux-based editors, but in my experience they are not that user friendly and I like to perform this remotely using my friendly Windows PC, to do this you need an SSH client – I use Win SCP. Once installed add a new site (see below) Then change the default remote directory (as per the illustration below) and save the site. The first time you connect you will be prompted to save your Asterisk server key, click yes to add the host key to your cache.I won’t walk you through this configuration (some is based upon location preferences, in my case UK), but I will show you the resulting configuration within the Lync Control Panel.First the dial plan summary (pay close attention to my normalisation rules) – this will route 1xxx to Asterisk, 44xxxxxxxxx to Asterisk and 2xxx internally (treated as local extension) Next the Voice Policy, the default Global Policy should have the following PSTN usage records (these rules will handle our calls destined for Asterisk) and the routes, as follows Finally the PSTN usage, as follows In my previous guide we created a test user, that user should now have his or her telephone details set, in our scenario tel:2001 (this is not best practice in a production deployment of Lync/OCS, but as a lab setup with a single PSTN number we should be given a free pass!Finally enter your password, once connected an explorer type view of your Asterisk’s file system will be displayed – I have changed to a detailed view (choose view - details) Back-up your SFA license by copying the file from /var/lib/asterisk/licenses – there should only be one file in there, just right click and copy to your desktop to save locally.

Now head back to the folder /etc/asterisk – this is where our Asterisk config files are located.

You will then be presented with the screen below Edit your network device “eth0 – Digital Equipment Corporation DECchip 21140 [Faster Net]”, remove the DHCP option and set a static address, in my case 192.1 Save and now edit your DNS configuration.

In my case I have a local DNS server (192.1) but set this to suit your needs.

The Register package is used to activate your SFA license.

Next we’ll update our version of Asterisk NOW, type yum update asterisk16, accept the upgraded packages (as detailed within our previous step) Once completed, we’ll install SFA, type yum install asterisk16-skypeforasterisk, accept the package download. Once the reboot has completed login and we’ll register the SFA module (using the license key received from Digium). Select option 1 (Digium Products), then option 7 Skype for Asterisk.

Finally configure your chan_You will need to change the default_user to represent your Skype ID, in my case: ;default_user=james_bond changed to (general section) Once you have configured all three config files reboot Asterisk, type shutdown –r now.

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