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In the table is another field called [Access Level].=Table_SDCBIBE01_SDCBFDDS_BF_Retail Summary#This Row],[Retail Sales/Table_SDCBIBE01_SDCBFDDS_BF_Retail Summary#This Row],[Inv Pct Is there any way to reference a different row using the table[] syntax?

Finally it applies the tablestyle and deletes the temporary style: Note that the function shown above does not take into account that you can set the width of the stripes, both vertically and horizontally.This is a legally binding contract (which means both parties are legally obligated to follow it) that describes specific rights and responsibilities.You'll likely need the help of an experienced family law attorney who can inform you of your legal rights, and draft (write) the agreement.Thanks Regards S Srinivas Hi Jan, Thanks for the hint!How can I reach the sheets in the xla by a self written function or procedure?If you don't map the table to xml you don't get the insert row.

=Table_SDCBIBE01_SDCBFDDS_BF_Retail Summary#This Row],[Inv Pct Is there any way to reference a different row using the table[] syntax?Jan, First, thank you for your help on the previous question I posted (11/8/2009 AM) - worked like a champ.Value, Look In:=xl Values) If Not c Is Nothing Then c.I want to let them run in 2007 compatibility-mode without any change but that's impossible because Insert Row Range Is Nothing after the 1st row insertion.With a deadline looming and hours wasting I found that unlisting the table worked, the formula could be added and appears to be correct.Value End Function Sub Foo() Msg Box Get Access Rights From Table("tbl Administration", "Smith") End Sub provide you with the result you're seeking?

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