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Steele died in December 2002, and has been honored on this page.

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It's got some pretty cool in-jokes for radio folks (Why-MCA; "9") and most of all, it ROCKS!The system of music notation we use now wasn’t invented until 1000 AD. The notation here is essentially a set of instructions for intervals and tuning based around a heptatonic diatonic scale.There’s much more detail about the precise language and instructions here.Download this aircheck as an mp3 file by RIGHT CLICKING HERE. () For the last 25 years, Fox has been meteorologist at WTNH-TV New Haven, but back in the late 70's, he was jocking at WPEN in Philadelphia.WPEN was a significant force in those days, known as great sounding adult contemporary station.For the last 30 years, the station has been known as Album Rock "I-95" with the calls WRKI.

My thanks for Jim for this neat memory of my college days.Puerto Rico Governor Asks DOJ To Investigate Island's Public Power Utility NPR Gov.Ricardo Roselló ordered the investigation after federal agents confiscated large quantities of rebuilding materials that were being held in a utility-owned warehouse.You never knew what to expect from him - on this aircheck he brakes into an impression of Jack Benny, and apologizes for remarks he made about the Beatles. Thanks to Boston Radio Jingles 1955-1974 (Part 1: ) (Part 2: ) Here is just about every Boston stations jingle you can remember (or not remember.) WBZ, WHDH, and WMEX are featured in the first part.For me, moments like those made him a joy to listen to. The second part features more 'BZ, WRKO-FM, WMEX and WROR. "WMEX plays hit number 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1-1-1-1..." - very cool! Throughout the years, Mc Dougall used several names. () We love getting airchecks from the great state of PA! () Even though Brindle ended up as Assistant PD to Bob Pittman, he was saying goodbye to New York on the aircheck from 8/29/77.

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