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Another company claimed its samples had to be "pre-treated," ostensibly to crack the complex mineralogy, before being sent for assaying.

Another feature of desert-dirt promotions is that they typically run out of steam after futile and expensive efforts are made to find a "recovery method." ( If you can't assay it, how can you recover it?Stöbern Sie in unseren vielseitigen Angeboten und buchen Sie online Ihre nächste Reise.Finden Sie jetzt auf Ihren nächsten Traumurlaub und sichern Sie sich eine fantastische All Inclusive Reise oder eine exklusive Kreuzfahrt durch das Mittelmeer. Dann entscheiden Sie sich für einen Urlaub mit Eigenanreise ins In- und Ausland. Dann sind traumhafte Rundreisen durch China, die USA oder Thailand in diesem Fall genau das Richtige für Sie.Günstig Urlaub machen war noch nie so einfach, buchen Sie jetzt online bei Lidl Reisen! Even left his favorite treats in the den -- single malt scotch and Macanudo cigars. If a person is going to feel gloom, weekends are the place to do it and get ti out of the way so it won't further dull the mind and heart as the new week begins. My friend the Cheshire cat opines that the talking dog is probably just waiting for The FOMC to decide what it's going to do before doing much more talking.The analyst then measures the intensity of secondary radiation from the activated gold to determine the gold concentration in the sample.

If there is gold in the samples, NAA will detect it, no matter how complex the associated mineralogy, no matter how much platinum comes with it, and no matter how small the "microclusters" are.If anything, the lack of action by regulators has generated a desert-dirt boom in the southwestern United States, resulting in losses that probably pass the billion-dollar mark in this decade alone.Regulators often argue that nothing can be done to prevent these swindlers, who operate on the margins of the industry. Decades ago, cooked assay scams caused untold headaches for the Vancouver Stock Exchange and securities regulators.Each year, more investors fall prey to the "desert-dirt" hucksters who swear they have found a way to detect gold reputable assay laboratories can not detect.One such property in Oregon became, at various times, "the world's largest platinum deposit" and ( in those pre-Bre-X days ) "the world's largest gold deposit." Many millions of dollars were raised before investors found out that the promoters were living in grand style at their expense.One of the companies even had its own secret lab in the desert, which churned out such good assay results that a suspicious employee decided to investigate why he was never able to find anything using conventional methods.