Social exchange theory online dating

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Social exchange theory online dating

In contrast, a woman with a low comparison level for alternatives is more likely to keep her current friends and even bad romances.Even if being in a relationship with Brad ends up being costly, this second woman would likely stay in the relationship because she believes she couldn't do any better.

However, we also continue to use cost-benefit analysis as the relationship develops to decide if we want to continue it.

Bridgette has a high level, and she is self-confident and sure that she has plenty of fish in the sea that she could easily catch.

So, in order for Bridgette to stay with Brad, she must believe that being with him is better than being single and also better than being with any other suitor that she could have.

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It's a fact of life that not all friendships or romances last forever. Why do we stay connected with some people but not to others?

In another lesson, we discussed the fact that an equal exchange of benefits is desirable and perceived inequality puts a relationship in jeopardy.

For example, Bridgette Bachelorette is used to having rewarding relationships with boyfriends who pay a lot of attention to her and treat her well.

She will expect her relationship with Brad to be similar.

Basically, we compare the costs and benefits of the current relationship to the costs and benefits of our past relationships.

Some people have a high comparison level and expect a high number of rewards.

First, a cost-benefit analysis is a process for calculating the value of a relationship in terms of potential rewards and costs.