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Further, the fact the PS4 has a very PC-like hardware architecture means it's surprisingly easy for people to develop a game for a PC solution like the Oculus Rift, and then move it to the PS4.Yoshida and Boyes both mention Morpheus titles in development that began as projects on Oculus devkits, but whose developers got them up and running for Morpheus in a matter of days.

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Because developers have such great aceess to VR tools in general, they're just throwing everything at the wall." So there are small puzzle games. Games where you can play a different game in a tabletop display—which, just to remind you, is in the virtual space.However, the Playstation 4 might be poised to raise the bar faster and higher than anyone expected.For one, while the Rift and the Vive are PC peripherals, and PCs can have any number of hardware configurations, the PS4 is a locked platform—developers know exactly what their game needs to run on, and thus don't need to hedge their bets to ensure performance on a wide range of setups. This is obviously the first part of a story about virtual reality.Maybe that thing I'm doing is standing on the edge of a building, or ascending The Wall, driving a racecar, flying like a bird (or Iron Man), or wandering a beach, or being swarmed by alien spiders while distracted by fireballs and then dying an ignominious death of spider bites before I can take out the enemy's energy core. I'm probably holding a game controller and pushing an analog stick or a button.There's also the Playstation Move for a more intuitive gesture-based option.

Or, if you're Seth Luisi, there's a bizarre frankencontroller that mashes both options into one that might fuel the next generation of first-person shooters.

But every time I do this thing where I describe the thing I'm doing in VR as though I'm really doing it, here's what I'm doing in meatspace: Nothing. I definitely have a ridiculous expression plastered on my face and goofy goggles on my head. I don't mean I'm on an alien planet, obviously; I'm standing in an unassuming cubicle den somewhere in Sony's US headquarters 30 minutes south of San Francisco, and I'm wearing the latest prototype of the Playstation 4's VR headset still known only as Project Morpheus, and I'm playing a demo Luisi and his team created.

But here's the part that's different: in real life, I'm holding a prototype of a gun, and in virtual reality .

The headset will be released in the first half of next year, but the company is using this week's E3 gaming conference to win gamers' hearts early.

Sony is bringing close to 20 games and experiences to E3, which begins in Los Angeles tomorrow.

The question that remains, though, is what we'll with it.

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