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One of our main spiritual assignments on earth is to embody the Soul... "Why Talking Is Not Enough: 8 Loving Actions That Will Transform Your Marriage." By Susan Page.

It seems Lupe is generally pleased with the 16-track body of work.“With this understanding of language he elevates the common and the banal to a kind of high ornamental vulgarity fit for the average Joe," Lupe writes.My recent dating experiences, I now realize, have been superficial at best, looking for the outer qualities rather than the inner beauty I really need to fulfill my needs and desires.Beauty is really only skin deep and the inner qualities of my dates needs to be judged as far more important. Throughout the Yellow Nguyen-directed clip, which you can watch above, Soulo surrounds himself with fine women while having to deal with lame dudes and imposters.At the end of the five-and-a-half minute visual, the Black Hippy MC consults a fortune teller and sees his future.Read this book cover to cover, write notes and do what they say, your life and the way you approach relationships will change for the better and there is no turning back. When I do my spiritual work, following these tenets, I am sure that my soulful partner will appear. I really want to commend the authors for creating a real and soulful work and I plan on recommending it to all my single friends. This book gave me insight to the fact that I had been attracted to the complete opposite type of person than the type that could actually make me happy.

I used the tools and then found my Husband whom I have been married to for 10years and we are soul mates who fall more in love all the time.

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Ime just looking for the one person to share the future with.

As energetic beings we are always emiting a frequency and engaging in the energetic communication with others. The reality is that we have cords that are both positive and negative.

Some cords are necessary, (like when we first have a baby) and are there to help psychically connect us.

You must work on yourself if you want to be in a happy relationship, another person cannot fix you or fill you up, you have to do that for yourself, one of the many things I learned from this book.! As a male in the dating world, I have found that we are continually criticized for being shallow and only wanting sex.

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