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We cannot wait to see how she performs in the spike throughout the coming months.” World-champion long jumper Elexis (Lex) Gillette’s favorite superhero wears a black mask as he fights criminals, spurred to action by a childhood incident.

The spike’s custom Flyknit upper perfectly complements the plate’s advances by reducing volume and weight and, for the first time in a sprint spike, extending to three-quarter height, which supports a larger potion of the foot to facilitate fluidity in motion.Team based trick taking card game where the player and his team mate are trying to predict the number of tricks they will take in a game, and not get any less than their prediction.If a team makes it's bid, it gets 10 points for every trick bid, and 1 point for every trick not bid.“Our role in the Innovation Kitchen is to invent the future of performance innovation for athletes. In this work with Allyson, the product that has been created is making her measurably better,” confirms Tony Bignell, VP Footwear Innovation, NIKE, Inc.“We’re seeing faster times in practice, more efficiency through and exiting the curb as well as unprecedented feedback from Allyson.This level of prototyping is facilitated by advance manufacturing techniques; SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) 3D printing reduces sampling time from weeks to days.

The rapidity facilitates immediate feedback, quick iteration and, fundamentally, enables a better final product for the athlete.Combining this data with perception testing by Felix and additional feedback from her coaches, the collective team precisely adapted the spike’s key elements of strength, fit and flex to Felix’s specifications and biomechanics — exemplified by a long, graceful, powerful stride.To tailor the fit to the unique contours of Felix’s foot, a custom last was created specifically for Felix’s size 9.5, AA-width feet.He is the current world-record holder in the long jump, a two-time long jump world champion, 16-time nation champion and two-time gold medalist.And when he takes off down the track towards the pit, he exhibits the key attributes of a superhero, relying on his remaining four senses to guide him — 16 steps and then he leaps.This makes life hectic and sometimes overwhelming but it makes you appreciate that the little time he does have, he makes it to spend time with you! Flat tires, blown head gaskets, locked up transmissions and engine difficulties tend to bring out the worst in people.