Speed camera locations west sussex

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Mr Wakefield, of Goldsmith Road in Worthing, believed the figure had increased due to higher levels of young drivers and added that ‘cars are far too easy to get hold of’.

Being convicted of this would give you a criminal record, which would affect employment opportunities, and travel to foreign countries.

Sussex Police are running a campaign that looks to tackle motorists who are trying to pervert the course of justice in regards to speeding tickets.

Attempting to avoid responsibility for your safety camera offences can be done by: The Central Ticketing and Summons Unit have a dedicated team who looks into and reviews all correspondence in relation to motoring offences.

Points on your licence for a speeding ticket get removed after four years, whereas a criminal record for perverting the course of justice is permanent.

From Monday 24 April, motorists caught speeding could be fined more than they are at present.

These cameras are mounted in the hi-viz camera vans and move from location to location.

The camera operator assesses the speed of an approaching vehicle and if they believe it is exceeding the speed limit they will use the laser on the camera to verify the speed and record the date, time and speed and this is all captured on real time video.

The Sentencing Council have said the move aims to ensure there is a ‘clear increase in penalty as the seriousness of offending increases’.

As an example, someone who is sentenced for speeding at 101mph or faster in a 70mph limit will be dealt with in a more severe bracket.

We also verify the speed by measuring how many of the white marks on the road the vehicle has passed between the first image and the second.

Most of our cameras are now digital, the offence images are sent via the 3G and ISDN line network to the back office after the offence has been detected.

Inspector Chris Collins of Sussex Police commented, "The increase in sentencing power for magistrates sends out a clear message that those drivers who pose higher risks by speeding will now face harsher penalties.

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