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I think the fact that the presentations are done in bite-size chunks gives you a flavour of the sort of initiatives that people have been engaged with.It has been fascinating, really, to see the diversity of things that are happening across the country and the services at the current time.

The level of delegates and attendees that we have is of a superior nature and often of a level that we would struggle to get into on a one-to-one basis.

The opportunity to meet numerous people is given through the speed networking and of course the one-to-one meetings that we can book in advance.

The calibre of delegates here is quite impressive indeed.

We have managed to interact with a lot of people who are decision makers in some of the large Higher Education institutions.

It has enabled us to not only present what we do as a business but also get feedback from them on what their requirements are.

The structure is really good in that they tell you in advance what you can expect and on the day you get to plan which streams are most interesting as well as which suppliers are available for a one-on-one conversation. It was good fun, it was hard work but we acquired 4 new clients so we thought we would try again.

The speed networking is a great way to get around a lot of delegates quickly and in an effective way and certainly stimulated interest for us in further meetings and conversations.This particular event is a useful forum for meeting key people in local authorities that are often very difficult to see in other means because they are very busy people and this is a great opportunity for us to engage with them.The structure of this forum is probably the best I've been to in all of my career.We have done things like the speed networking where I've had lots of very short sessions with them and that's given me a lot of ideas for companies that I’d like to follow some issues up with.I’ve made lots of contacts already without spending too much time in the process of doing it.There is a lot of information here today about things like digital media and advances in technology for supporting students.

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