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Suddenly, the virtual spider she had grown accustomed to touching without anxiety now evoked a huge anxiety response.Computer technology to improve medical practice using virtual reality is one of the major goals of the National Center for Biocomputation, established by NASA and Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.

In 1996 a woman who was dubbed Miss Muffet sought VR treatment after watching a television show on PBS about another VR treatment.

Although virtual reality is a relatively new concept to most of us, the concept took root in the late 1950s with the visions of a former naval radar technician and electrical engineer named Douglas Engelbart.

Engelbart envisioned computer information being just as radar was displayed, on a screen.

Surgeons can use a big-screen workbench, special gloves, computer tracking wands and software to manipulate a 3-D computer image of the patient.

The center is involved in many research projects involving virtual reality; an impressive list of the projects is at (

Other worlds are being developed through grants from the Paul Allen Foundation for Medical Research A case study of two burn patients at U. the case study involved using a Nintendo video game and Spider World.

The first patient had five staples removed from skin grafts while using the Nintendo and six removed from the same graft using the VR, the patient reported had a drastic reduction in pain while using the VR.

The development of the light pen, a device to draw images on a computer became the first CAD program.

Developed by Ivan Sutherland in 1962, this program, called Sketchpad enabled designers to use computers to create blueprints of automobiles, cities and industrial products.

Pain perception is in part psychological and needs focus, when patients are introduced to virtual reality the attention is focused on the artificial environment so the pain signals can be interpreted as painful or not.

The treatment includes using optoids (morphine and morphine related chemicals) along with virtual reality.

Sutherland also developed a head mounted display in 1970, and Douglas Engelbart introduced the first pointing device.

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