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In 1928, it was given a new type of tender with a corridor, which meant that a new crew could take over without stopping the train.

Ryan Allen, of Spilsby, Lincolnshire, thought he had set up at the perfect spot next to the East Coast Main Line in the village of Little Bytham.The hilarious moment was caught on camera by enthusiast Graham Linay and posted on Twitter where it has racked up hundreds of views.Flying Scotsman was originally built in Doncaster for the London and North Eastern Railway (LNER), emerging from the works on 24 February 1923 and initially numbered 1472.This is the moment excited trainspotters who had waited 90 minutes to glimpse the Flying Scotsman were left disappointed after a Virgin Train blocked their view.The men had stood excitedly in position waiting for the famous locomotive to trundle past them at a level crossing.But he was left bitterly disappointed when a commuter train whizzed by at the exact moment the locomotive passed.

The Flying Scotsman's incredible engineering prowess was demonstrated when it became the first train to break the 100mph barrier in 1934.Lexden and Winstree from the north-west with laundry at right, 2000. A chapel, probably dating from the 1880s, was added at the south of the site. Lexden and Winstree mortuary from the north-west, 2000. Taken in 1929, here is a group photograph of what was possibly the final Board of Guardians before the union was wound up. Margaret Joan Wells-Gardner grew up in the Lexden and Winstree workhouse where her parents were Master and Matron.Lexden and Winstree chapel from the north-west, 2000. Ring in the Old, her memories of daily life, provide a fascinating insight into life in the workhouse in the first part of the twentieth century.A passageway led to the hub where the Master's quarters were located.Lexden and Winstree administration block from the north-west, 2000. The four main accommodation blocks radiated from the central hub with women's accommodation thought to have been at the west and men's at the east. A two-storey infirmary (later known as Rose House) was located at the southern side of the main building.Although the workhouse system in Britain became the most well developed of any in the world, a number of other countries had workhouses or other institutions providing care and relief for the poor and destitute.

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