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Now, Israel is being told by another global power that it will ultimately have to "share" Jerusalem with the Palestinian Authority, which claims the eastern half of the Holy City as its capital.While the current British government is generally in step with Trump, it vocally disagreed with his Jerusalem declaration, fearing it would be exploited to predetermine the outcome of peace negotiations.

Rabbi Raziel Shevach was laid to rest on Wednesday after being gunned down by Palestinian terrorists a day earlier.In the same way, true disciples of Jesus, the Great Shepherd, should follow him closely and feed on the rich pasture he has provided that is nourished by the Law of Moses along with the patriarchs and prophets of Judaism.The goats, on the other hand, cut themselves off from the roots of their faith, as a result of which their pasture withers and dies.The officer, identified as Captain Ashraf al-Kholi, went so far as to tell one celebrity host, Azmi Megahed, that if the Palestinians truly want an independent state, they should accept Ramallah as their capital and give up their insistence on controlling eastern Jerusalem. " asked Kholi, hinting at what many other Muslims in the region have been acknowledging of late - that Jerusalem doesn't really hold much religious significance for Islam."Exactly that," agreed Megahed, who later confirmed the authenticity of the recording to the New York Times.Distribute Israel Today among your family, friends, communities, home groups, wherever you interact with others.

In a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the North American Jewish community's most prominent leaders urged the Israeli leader to backtrack on his plans to deport tens of thousands of African migrants.The letter reads, in part: "The ultimatum follows a mounting campaign of escalation on the part of the Israeli government to pressure the roughly 38,000 African asylum seekers remaining in Israel to self-deport.While Israeli authorities contend that the population in question – most of whom entered Israel between 20 – are economic migrants, HIAS and other rights groups argue that they are asylum seekers and refugees deserving of protection." The letter suggested that American Jewry could assist Israel in finding a more compassionate solution to the situation, but did not go into details.And yet even while archaeological finds further confirm Jewish connection to the city over thousands of years, the UK and other major European powers stubbornly refuse to face reality.In joining the predictable chorus of disapproval at the UN, the British people are in ever-increasing danger of being numbered among the goats of Judgment Day referred to by Jesus in the gospel of Matthew (25.31-46).At the same time, how can the tiny nation of Israel absorb such numbers without taking a serious hit to its economy? According to Oved Hugi, a social activist from southern Tel Aviv, the "infiltrators' birthrate stands at 10,000 per year.