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As of 2017, Harris is the owner and proprietor of Roosevelt's Terrariums in Portland, Oregon, where customers are taught to make their first terrarium.Therefore, education and study, for good or ill, is nurtured best through what he calls the "power of companionship" among "fellow enthusiasts".All of these ideas are laid out in his various seminars and workshops as described on the blog of Noble Institute.Gregg's wife, Sono, died on July 4, 2010, after a short battle with cancer.Gregg and Sono's three younger children Sarah, Isaac, and James live in Gresham, Oregon.Albert Mohler) Prayer Prayer (Ole Hallesby) Power Through Prayer (E.

Gregg Eugene Harris (born November 23, 1952, in Dayton, OH) was a figure in the Christian homeschooling movement from 1981 through the mid-1990s and later served as a teaching elder at Gresham Household of Faith, which was an experiment in local church reform.His twin sons, Alex and Brett Harris (born in 1989), were the founders of The Rebelution, a Christian teen website and authors of the book Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations.In addition to his seven children, Gregg Harris has fifteen science clubs, hobby groups and other affinity groups).Harris argues that this is why academic and hobby clubs are often more effective than classes offered on the same subjects.Harris' insurance company insisted on settling out of court before legal proceedings began.