Stories of teachers dating students

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Stories of teachers dating students

This brief document provides a working definition of mindfulness, an overview of the scientific rationale for offering mindfulness to children and adolescents, a review of the professional and personal benefits of practicing mindfulness, specific suggestions for developing your own mindfulness practice (which is a prerequisite to sharing mindfulness with your students), and two examples of practices you can use in your classroom.While there are many definitions of mindfulness, the definition I use with children and adolescents is: Mindfulness is paying attention to your life, here and now, with kindness and curiosity.

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The spoiled rich kids in their classroom drive one user insane while another teacher admits that she's cruel to the popular girls in class because those types of girls were never nice to her growing up.D., first, second, and third graders who participated in a bi-weekly, 12-session integrative program of mindfulness and relaxation showed significant increases in attention and social skills and decreases in test anxiety and ADHD behaviors.In studying second and third graders who did Mindfulness Awareness Practices for 30 minutes twice a week for 8 weeks, Lisa Flook, Ph. and her colleagues at the Mindfulness Awareness Research Center at UCLA documented that children who began the study with poor executive function had gains in behavioral regulation, meta-cognition, and overall global executive control.This ability to pay attention is a natural, innate human capacity.One does not need to be Buddhist to pay attention in this way, any more than one needs to be Italian to enjoy pizza.While these resources can be picked up or used by individual students without accompaniment or facilitation from teachers, DVRCV and Partners in Prevention have also created a suite of resources for teachers which utilize the booklets and websites above as building blocks for class room activities and facilitated discussion.

To access a diverse range of respectful relationships education resources, visit the Pi P website.

DVRCV has been producing innovative and award winning resources to support Respectful Relationships Education (RRE) with children and young people for over two decades.

Our Victorian Government funded Partners in Prevention (Pi P) program builds the capacity of professionals working with schools and early childhood centres to deliver excellence in respectful relationships education. Respectful relationships education is a child and youth focused strategy for the prevention of violence against women.

As human beings we have the unique capacity to pay attention to/be aware of our internal and external worlds and the interactions between the two.

We can attend to the breath, the body, thoughts, emotions, tastes, smells, sights, sounds, and our impulses and actions and their effects on others and our environment.

For others, the stress is performing, “succeeding,” and getting into a “good” college.

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