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Because the word simply never appears in the first place, it therefore cannot be revealed by an external source.Third-party apps can only show what moderators remove after the message has appeared in chat.

Do the same for any new account used by the person to harass you.Just add wildcard, "*", at the start or end of a word and it will match any characters there.For example, adding the word "shoot*" would also filter "shooting" "shoots" and any other variation.Combined with any of the other tools discussed below, giving harassers as little attention as possible will usually be enough to get them out of the chat and out of your mind in no time.If they continue, try one of the other options listed below, but try to do so without calling attention whatsoever to the situation.If someone is violating the To S or Ro C via whispers and you wish to report them, see How to File a Whisper Report.

For reports about users repeatedly harassing or evading chat bans, use the “Harassment” or “Chat Ban Evasion” categories respectively.There is also a report user function, saved for extreme situations such as if a harassing user is continually creating new accounts, especially if the new accounts have offensive words or personal details in the username, since this overrides most of the filters discussed above.When this happens, you should use the final tool in your arsenal, which should always be a last resort, and should never be abused.Another good strategy to protect your personal information is to add several false-positives so no one can try to figure out your information through trial by error.Note: There is also a globally banned words filter which is enabled by default.Your moderators can do all of these things for you, leaving you to broadcast without pause!