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Mogo, or cassava as the Brits like to call it, is a God-sent food. Let's just say I don't know a world without Maru's Bhajiyas.There is no other food that will make your taste buds dance and have your serotonin levels high in the sky as much as mogo. You can just pick it up in your hands and indulge as you walk along Mombasa's beautiful beaches. Hearing the charcoal sporadically crackle, watching the streetman squeeze the lime, and waiting for pili-pili to be added as the finishing touch, will all make you crave mogo even more. Jamhuri High seems to be the school that most Kenyan-Indians graduate from.

Light your jiko till the charcoal is at maximum combustion. Place the mixture on the jiko and give it time,around fifteen minutes.

v) It can be used to cook nearly all type of foods.

vi) It tenderizes the food thus anybody can consume even the toddlers,sick and very old.

How to cook/roast peanuts: Peanuts, scientifically known as arachis hypogaea, is a common food stuff used all over the world.

It is a very rich source of proteins and can supplement diet when taken as deserts or junk food.

Add a reasonable amount of peanuts and cook until brown.

Note: peanuts that still have the taste can't turn brown.

If you break them and find they are golden brown, remove from the stove and pour them on a piece of cloth laid on a cold surface. This is because the cooling process should be accelerated so as to let the outer cover to peal off. You can make peanut yogurt, peanut butter, peanut cakes etc**FRYING**Procedure: put a frying pan on the stove and let it heat up.

Add about 30 grams of cooking fat and let it melt till silence.

Remove all bones, apart from the ones containing some bone marrow. The meat and the tomatoes, due to salt and heat will yield some water so no need to add any. Add the peas and the finely chopped carrots and cover again for 15 minutes, shaking for about 3-4 times in timely intervals.

Pressure cooker is a 'sufuria' with a lid that has valves and can be tightened when being used. The valves release the extra pressure to avoid bursting since the lid is tightened to prevent any leakage of pressure inside the 'sufuria'.

Two medium sized carrots.3 medium sized red ripe potatoes.1 bulb onion, medium sized.1 tablespoon cooking oil. Spread evenly to all the base surface of the sufuria. Add some water to make a soup as the beef functions as a stew for chapatis, ugali, etc. Just ensure you use some gloves, paper, wet towel, etc. Do not allow the vapour from the pot to escape in vast amounts. You can add spices like royco cubes, pilau, etc to suite the preferred taste.

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    Make a game of it by setting a timer on your phone.

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