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Summer camp jobs essex

Seven NHL sites are among the 20 National Park System historic areas in New York state.

Many of the NHLs in NYC are also landmarked individually or as part of districts by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission. National Historic Sites, National Historic Parks, National Memorials, and certain other areas listed in the National Park system are historic landmarks of national importance that are highly protected already, often before the inauguration of the NHL program in 1960. The legislation establishing the National Historic Landmark program does not prevent these from being designated, For the first 16 years of the National Historic Landmarks program, the National Park Service did not consider any sites already within the National Park system for NHL designation, and in fact if a NHL-designated site came into the NPS system it was de-designated.

In New York State, the William Floyd House within the Fire Island National Seashore and Ellis Island within the Statue of Liberty National Monument were both deemed NHL-eligible by the Advisory Board but were not designated.

Seven of the 20 were declared National Historic Landmarks, in several instances before receiving the higher protection designation, and retain their NHL standing.

Four of these are listed above and three are included within the New York City list of NHLs.

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This is a list of National Historic Landmarks and comparable other historic sites designated by the U. Twelve other counties have five to nine NHLs, eight have three or four, 27 counties have one or two, and the remaining twelve of the state's 62 counties have none.

Three counties have ten or more NHLs: New York County (Manhattan) has 86; Westchester County, just north of NYC, has 18; and Erie County in western New York has 10.

A list of these National Park Service areas that conserve historic sites in New York State is also provided.

Finally, three former NHLs in the state are also listed.

We suggest providing a link to a fuller job description on your website, if available. Posted: January 10, 2018Location: Montclair, NJ Summary: HOMECorp is a community based non-profit agency in Montclair NJ dedicated to providing affordable housing for low and moderate income families and to providing financial literacy counseling to our clients.

Our mission is to make housing accessible to all as renters and homeowners.

The Mental Health Clinician’s responsibilities include: Prospective applicants must have a knowledge of and belief in the philosophy of Positive Youth Development; previous experience working with youth and adolescents; strong clinical skills; and excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills. Computer skills are also essential, with experience with Microsoft Word, Access, and Excel.