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When walking down the street or while grocery shopping, instead of "excuse me," I commonly hear, "get out of my way," or nothing at all which clearly indicates that an American woman thinks she owns the place, that nobody else matters, and that she has no obligation to be sincere.

They are unhealthy and do not take care of themselves.It is little wonder then, why American women are unapproachable.This attitude is off-putting and only brings out the worst in people.With this fat acceptance movement unfortunately gaining steam and barring a general shift in American women's attitudes towards their health, the obesity epidemic among women in America is only getting worse and is further diminishing the already mediocre dating landscape.Simply put, the vast majority of American women are bitches.It is no surprise that they are unapproachable, and to be in their presence is a nightmare and would make a man run for the hills, or the airport.

In the extremely rare instances where they are nice, it's easy to sense the bitch behind the curtain due to the shakiness in their voices; they are playing nice just get what they want.

One of the things that really stood out to me and roused my ire was American women.

Having been exposed to other cultures and interacting with foreign women, I now had a reference point for which to formulate a basis of comparison, something I never had or could do previously.

They also can't figure out the cause of their labored breathing and persistent cough that keeps them awake at night and annoys the f*ck out of everyone around them.

The feminist movement sure had most American women leaving the kitchen for Mc Donald's and processed foods.

Not only do they not take care of themselves, but they don't give a sh*t what they eat or how much they eat. They are delusional enough to think that looking like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man's cousin is beautiful and perfectly acceptable.

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    They are unhealthy and do not take care of themselves.

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