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Sometimes called White Russia or alternatively White Ruthenia, especially in relation to the pre-1918 history of the region. Some historic sources also mention Red and Black Rus in addition to White Rus.Such labeling probably predates the times when the Kievan Kingdom came into existence.

They are concerned about their appearance and invest much time and effort to look fabulous every day.Historic sources mention Belarus during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries as a geographic name; it later gained specific political meaning, including nation-state identification.Although Belarusians are the dominant ethnic group in the country, the culture includes people of various ethnicities such as Lithuanians, Poles, Ukrainians, Russians, Jews, and Tartars.The population is currently experiencing a slight decline. Minsk, Gomel, Brest, Vitebsk, Mogilev, Grodno, Baranovichi.The hammer throw is one of the four throwing events in regular track and field competitions, along with the discus throw, shot put and javelin.The "hammer" used in this sport is not like any of the tools also called by that name.

It consists of a metal ball attached by a steel wire to a grip.With natural beauty and gleaming eyes, Belarusian brides offer something that no other woman can.Her entrancing beauty will both intrigue you and leave you in awe.The size of the ball varies between men's and women's competitions (see Competition section below for details).With roots dating back to the 15th century, the contemporary version of the hammer throw is one of the oldest of Olympic Games competitions, first included at the 1900 games in Paris, France (the second Olympiad of the modern era).The thrower releases the ball from the front of the circle.

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