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Lately we have been doing a lot of covers of popular songs and turning them into Pop Punk.There really aren’t a whole lot of You Tubers that do this.

We started out on Myspace around 2009 when all the current bands used it as their primary source of information, and some used it as their website.

We are from Melbourne, Florida and met through mutual friends.

Our band consists of my girlfriend, Sabrina Abu-Obeid and me, DJ Monopoli.

Looking at the SHAYTARDS massive audience, I honestly thought if I were to make an intro Shay would never see my video.

I figured it would simply get swamped by thousands of videos.

I started watching daily vlogs from various You Tubers.

One day I was surfing You Tube and stumbled upon a daily vlog with a husband, wife, and their kids, called SHAYTARDS which was featured on the front page.Shay ended up using our intro in a video literally a few hours after we uploaded it. It was the most amazing feeling in the world watching the comments scrolling down his video with support and appreciation for the intro we put together.Our subscriber number started growing extremely quickly and we were getting hundreds of messages and comments on our video requesting intros for other You Tubers.I instantly got addicted to it and started watching it every day.I just felt like I had to keep up with their life for some reason, and it always gave me a good laugh.We made another for a vlog channel called CTFx C who also used our theme song cover.

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