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Texas accommodating lens - radiometric dating questions and answers

Critical Nursing Shortages: Finding Innovative Approaches to Demand The number of nurses is expected to grow by only six percent by 2020, the demand for nursing care is expected to grow by at least 40 percent; this places tremendous pressure on our Chief Nursing Officers.Looming nursing shortages also pose a significant dilemma for community based hospitals.

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As a respected and valued member of senior management, the CNO must be skilled in communications while building and strengthening bridges between clinicians and management.This session will provide insight into how CNOs are facing this challenge.We will examine such topics as: Implementing a Healthy Work Environment through Safe Patient Handling We’ll address the current trends and issues that influenced the development of the safe patient handling and mobility standards, as well as identify the need for safe patient handling as part of a culture of safety environment.Healthcare is one of the most important and rapidly growing sectors during this economic climate.With the move to value-based care models and a more consumer-driven healthcare environment, this vital industry must respond swiftly and strategically to the scarcity of resources, generational shifts in the labor force, and technological advancements.In addition, current CNOs need to develop mentorship programs to grow these future leaders internally so they are prepared to take the reins they are handed.

Challenges of a CNO: Creating Value for the Growing Health System As health systems continue to grow whether it be through mergers, acquisitions or the development of new facilities, the Chief Nursing Officer is under constant pressure to create value both at the system and the entity level.Patient Centered Care – Redesigning How Healthcare Is Delivered Empowering patients to be leaders in their healthcare delivery can provide cost-effective financial benefits to hospitals and be extremely rewarding for the patient.This session will: New Tools and Strategies to Eliminate Avoidable Harm Come see why major health systems across the U.While HCAHPS scores can provide valuable insight, patient satisfaction extends far beyond the scores.During this panel, attendees will hear from CNOs across the country, understand how they view the patient’s experience and how they have created leading measures of patient satisfaction within their organizations.This interactive discussion session will discuss best practices and lessons learned at different organizations to keep nurses engaged at the bedside and the opportunities this presents not only to the patient but to the hospital.