The tao of dating alex benzer

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The tao of dating alex benzer

Depending on how we relate to each person we meet, that person can be our crucifier or savior.

She also talked about the ‘crucifixion’ and ‘savior’ patterns.

This means that we’re not including the fundamental ground of being in our everyday life.

If we were to start doing that and put the sacred front and center, we’d get a much bigger platform from which to operate.

Each relationship we have is like an assignment, and each person is a lesson, Marianne explained. The physical proximity doesn’t last long, and then the parties part.

In the second level interaction, the physical proximity lasts a bit longer and then ends.

God can’t create anything other than itself, so we are godlike in that sense, with the only difference being that god created us and not vice versa. Good, because this is where things get interesting.

Now in each moment, we can either experience fear — which is the same as being closed, or being in hell — or love, which is the same as openness or heaven.It may not even be pleasant, but it’s the homework our soul needs.This is where Marianne explained the importance of meditation.When you embrace the love, you are in heaven, experiencing peace and joy.When you deflect the love, you are in hell, experiencing anxiety, fear, and discomfort.At this point Marianne used the example of Michelangelo: when asked how he created his sculptural masterpieces, like Moses, David, and the Pieta, he responded: “The perfect form created by the mind of god already exists in the marble block; I merely remove the excess marble.” The difference between us and someone like the Buddha or Jesus, Marianne said, was that for them, the loving-kindness, the Self is is that “if it’s not love, it’s not real.” The Course also says that god solves every problem the moment it arises.