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Following an anonymous tip, the two agents corner Dupre during an attempted robbery.

After Fox and the studio argued against the idea of using Mulder in such a way, the producers agreed to make the change.The opening bank robbery scene was filmed on location in Vancouver, where Jason Schombing's acting led some bystanders to believe that robbery was a real one.Dana Scully assists a fellow FBI agent, Jack Willis, in apprehending violent bank robbers Warren Dupre and Lula Phillips.As writer Howard Gordon later recalled, "We'd wanted Mulder to experience the soul switch".Gordon ultimately came to believe that the final decision was almost certainly for the best and saw the benefit of introducing Scully's former boyfriend as it provided a welcome opportunity to delve into her history.He passes the tests that Scully gives him, but when Mulder asks him to sign a fake birthday card for Scully—whose birthday is months away—he signs it.

Scully is skeptical of Mulder's claims that Dupre is in Willis's body, believing that he is under stress due to his near-death experience.

Dupre dies, but Willis is eventually revived; however, Dupre's corpse is seen reacting to the jolts from the defibrillators used on Willis.

Willis wakes up a few days later, but now has a more sinister personality.

"Lazarus" earned a Nielsen household rating of 7.6, being watched by 7.2 million households in its initial broadcast; and received mixed reviews from critics.

The show centers on FBI special agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) who work on cases linked to the paranormal, called X-Files.

Phillips and Willis/Dupre rob a pharmacy to obtain the necessary insulin.

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