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At 1 pm it was time for the news broadcast and we all better be silent. The word Arch possibly means Archief (Dutch for Archive). So all I want to say is that there is no definite proof of who is portrayed here. Also I don't know how the brooch, the neck lace and the earrings came to be gilded.Following the news there always was the weekly book review by ... And that suggests it has been written there by someone dealing with the archive of P. The thing that is difficult for me to judge is whether this is an ambrotype yes or no. Was that an already existing method of decoration during the ambrotype period (1855-1865)?

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It is a lady who lived in The Hague near the seaside resort Scheveningen.

The same internet source reveals that Godert and Maria got married on March 28, 1855. Based on the fact that Godert's son from his second marriage (also named Godert) was a Roman Catholic priest, I assume that also his father was of that belief.

I do not know whether that supports the suggestion that the Gowthorpes were of Scottish origin.children from wealthy families. Much to the dislike of her father and uncle Dirk a relationship developed between the two.

Boer" which translates as "Presumably Mrs Gowthorpe nee Boer" (thanks to Stereomania for the first word - [...]).

The pencil writing underneath is apparently from the dealer's own research, making connections to the Ritter family and what appears to be the names Godard Gowthorpe 1833-1879 and Maria Cornelia [?

In Scheveningen this pass time started already in 1818 when the first bathhouse was set up.

Later bathing machines on wheels moved their precious cargo into the sea. The lower classes were banished to other beaches so their lustful looks would not embarrass With three similarities between Auntie Miriam and the two Dutch ladies being determined, I think it is fair to say that highlighting Maria and her daughter is in fact a tribute to Auntie Miriam.

The indoor antiques market at De Looier is great, but there was not a huge wealth of quality images and still quite pricey.

So it was a real surprise to find this - just about the only image for sale at the bookseller's market in De Pijp.

When I was a small boy living in the house of my grandparents during the 50's, every Sunday we had lunch together. When Isaline celebrated her 15th birthday she wrote a letter to her father, saying that she received two medallions, one from him and one from her grandparents. So with the permission of her grandparents she exchanged theirs for a brooch. In an effort to prove my case I have to say I am also not so sure whether the writing on the rear has been put there during Maria's life i.c. It looks very much like the type of writing that was taught in the years after WW1 at the earliest.

Usually my grandfather around that time was listening to the radio. Now, if we have a closer look at the ladies neckline in the picture, we see something there. Certainly the writing on the decal would qualify for an even later period. So I agree with the assumption made by James Morley, that this writing possibly has been put there by the dealer where he bought this photograph.

In the meantime I will try to answer the question of the likelihood of these two ladies having seen each other on their respective North Sea beaches through the mists of time.

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