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Threepicsfordating com - Naughty stranger chatrooms

I'm curious to hear more about the accuracy of their machine learning algorithm though. Same here, but I'm 25 and the tool guessed 20,21,27,27. In my case, the old guesses are when there is bright light or when my head is slightly turned.

We have many services that allow you to harness the power of machine learning: Speech APIs, Recommendation Engine, Text Analytics, Customer Churn Prediction APIs, etc. I wonder whether that's to do with the population it was trained on?

The results on every photo I tried were ludicrously wrong.

The closest it got on photos of me was about five years older than me, but it ran anywhere up to 20 years too old.

I used two photos of me both taken the same day (corporate headshots that both appear on wedsites and in social media with my name), and it returned different answers. I am often told that I look very young for my age, and people generally guess my age several years lower than it is.

This tool guessed the correct age right away, which really impressed me. The accompanying article is also very interesting and well written to be readable by someone who isn't totally up to date with the latest in facial recognition software.

And when it does that, it seems to consistently give me a younger age.

That's ok, I'm 37 and it guessed I was 81 in one photo and in two others, it couldn't detect my face at all.

So I'd say the algorithm needs a little more work. There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of pictures of me on the internet already. But we are the techies who will remind people: "don't forget that's not encrypted", "don't forget they might re-use your photograph". My girlfriend was happily uploading picture after picture until I asked her semi-rhetorically "I wonder what they're doing with all those uploaded pictures?

I certainly don't care if this site has one, and I couldn't care less about its transfer being encrypted. " and after thinking about that for a second she closed the tab. Looks like this is a demo for the Microsoft Azure ML.

OTOH, we're all Ph D students, so maybe we're all just stressed out and look old.

Interestingly, I have long hair, which I think is why it sometimes misclassifies me as female.

I think it uses Deep Learning and the power of it is to demonstrate that you can wire up something like this yourself without write a line of code for deep learning algorithms or even owning any servers at all for heavy GPU processing.

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